Nguyen Man - King of Vietnamese vegetable

(Record Vietkings) Engineer- Record Holder Nguyen Man: “Food safety, reasonable price and making absolutely belief for customer” are the top of elements of VF”. The Vegetable King, who drove the development of post-war fruit and vegetable exports, still sees a lot of potential in fruit and vegetable-growing.

A few years ago, some of magazines in Ho Chi Minh City like: Thanh Nien, Thanh Nien Daily, Thi Truong Nong Thon, Nguoi Tieu Dung… had an article about a character who named “King of vegetable”. Who is he?

He is an engineer - Nguyen Man. He is former vice president in Ho Chi Minh of Vegetable company, president of Export Vegetable Supply Company in Ho Chi Minh City. Nguyen Man is pioneer to bring two types of cabbage and cauliflower that was planted under hot weather in HCMC ( those which only plant at Da Lat-Lam Dong before in 1977) . In addition, he is first person that having success in developing dragon-fruit to export foreign which brings benefit for a farmer in Binh Thuan provine and Long An province…

The gate of Vietnam’s Records information had met and talked to Engineering Nguyen Man-President of VF Company about the issues that related to food safe to fruit and vegetable.

Sir, you are named “King of vegetable” in Vietnam who record great achievement in  successfully growing two types of cabbage and cauliflower that was planted under hot weather in provinces in Vietnam  and bringing a dragon fruit to the world market. Could you tell me know what is your motivate to do useful things?

My simplest motivate is from passion and responsibility in doing  business. That’s the reason why I had done like taking dragon fruit to the world market and successfully applying two types of cabbage and cauliflower that was planted under hot weather in provinces in Vietnam  export to Russia, East Europe… from 1984.

When I did researches and applying new technique into the business area with high risk like fruit and vegetable ; of course, I have absolutely difficulty. However, by full of experience, passion and confidence, I determined to overcome a stages of difficult in country which has just got independence, the economy and the countryside had been devastated by years of fighting.. One thing make me understand thoroughly is the saying “ you will not know yet what happen next”, and I  did..

Nguyen Man -The Vegetable King

The Vietnamese consumer and the world are using  daily VF’s product but it seems to be VF brand will not spread widely to people. Could you saying about VF brand in a brief?

I dont think so! VF brand have known in domestic and foreign market. People have used our products more and more. Despite of having changes and  complicated development in home and the world, my company is still stand firm in the face of difficulties and regularly supply fresh vegetable for market. Our criteria is:“ food safety, trust and reasonable price”.

Who are your competitor currently in VF? What is your orientation in the future?

We consider these companies that having the same business as colleage  instead of competitor because of being learned, exchanged opportunites each other to develop brand for customer needs.  Our way make further to extent internal market, instead of we only concentrate import-export. That means we positively join the policy “Vietnamese use Vietnamese products”. We have to create the high quality product with food safety.

What is the most important elements for consumer choose VF’s product?

As saying above, three elements and our permanent criteria creating customer with great belief are:

·         Firstly, safety products

·         Secondly, realiable in business

·         Thirdly, reasonable price

Currently, in order to provide the market’s demand about vegetable and fruit, (the foods which were its hard to get standar safety food when use the quickly growth chemical). How could the VF’s vegetable reach 100% criterion of food safety?

I can say that we have never make a mistake in business ever, because I know who we are and where we come from.

According your words, The products will not get standard if no using any growth chemical is not quite right based on technical aspect. Obviously, the products were produced and traded which are the foods reach criteria food safety, it means we don’t use harmful  chemistry through the warning of the goverment.



The process of manufacture fresh fruit and vegetable

As we know, you had studied abroad, attended seminars, travelling to many countries like: Japan. Germany, France,… having good at food technology. Could you please tell me  what did you learn from that?

I’m a lucky person travelling in many countries, attending seminars, studying abroad and trading in the countries of Asia, Europe and North America to learn .Beside learning about the advanced technical science in the issue of the growth, harvest, package, and transporting food and fruit, food of famer, the good things that I learned about management from them, the strictly working and how to control our time appropriately and effectively. In the developing countries, most of company produce and trade the fresh vegetable and fruit beside the force labor, less staff at the office, but the management skill and having high productivity.

He has been in the professor of fruit and vegetable constable in Vietnam. How do your assessment about Vietnamese position in Asian market and currently world?

Being transfering into business field from technical one, Over 50 years chasing the growth of fresh fruit and vegetable with passion. I also used to join for setting up of Vietnam Vegetable Fruit Associate in the early days. Vietnam have great advantages of typical, taste, market’s predilection for tropical fruit and vegetable which is favorite of Asian consumer and all over the world. However, we have not evaluated potential in positive way yet, especiallymanufactuer section. Nowadays,finding out the market for business is not really problem. If it’s available and you drop it, let check it again, that’s trouble. Although we have abundant of quantity but less in quality, price hasn’t suitable compare as many countries in region. The important thing is special pay attention to food safety. Vietnam will have advantage in export vegetable fruit and foods if having good dealing with it.




 VF company's fruits 

Could you tell me the difficulties, challenges and experiences on the way doing business  ?

When you do anything with having a passion for it, your age could not a barrier of work, volition and determine will bring success. No any land on my own but I had hundreds, thousands, or even millions of lands for planting safe vegetable from the famers in the countryside of HCMC, neighbouring  provinces and others city such as: Da Lat, Lam Dong, Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, Tien Giang, Long An…. . All of these achievements come from my great effort and active contribution in their living. Especially, the famer’s income is more and more improved for planting cauliflower, cabbage, dragon fruit and it mades me very happy.

Do you have any useful advise for farmers and young generation to plant vegetable and do business, sir?

For farmers along with young generation, I don’t dare give advices, just  contribute my ideas instead of. Those are what we can do, do it your best because bravely “going”, we’ll find “destination”. What we cannt do, we don’t for the profit which damage others life .

For young generation, If you want to do effectively, have good position in life, the firs thing you have to take pains to study, throw yourself in harsh environment to learn through your experience. The experience was formed from practice and the success have to start from the attempts and truly heart.

Thank you very much! Hope you have a heath to continue your way!


Box: engineering Nguyen Man was born in 1939 in a studious traditional family. In 1958, after he graduated at Quoc Hoc Hue high school, Nguyen Man got a contest into National College of Agriculture, Forestry and Animal Husbandry Bao Loc. Four years later, he graduated Engineer degree of Agriculture and be nominated manager of Agriculture Extension Division, Deputy Cheif and Cheif of Ariculture Service's Thua Thien - Province. In 1966, he recommended       


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