Nguyen Van My President - Being talented general the first is a good soldier

The more standard of living is high the more tourism demand is large. Facing  challenges about the largest travel companies in the country, Lua Viet still rise as one of the leading travel companies. Having been successful company like this, it depends on the part of the decisive and comprehensive leading from the company owner.

To learn more about this “reading culture” leader, editor of Vietnam Book of Records had sincerely talking with Nguyen Van My – founder cum of Lua Viet Company. Through conversation, we realized that he is enthusiastic leader, always consider himself as “soldier” to bring the best thing to company.


To achieve great success, you had gone through the mill and left an unforettable landmark . What is your special landmarks about turning-point in your life?

I don’t dare call landmark but turning point of career is when I was assigned as the Chief Administration of Thanh Da summer camping in 1988-1993 by Confederation of Labor and Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union organized for government officer’s children. Summer camping was appeared in 1978 but the content had not clearly yet. When I received task, I chose a crew position, we carried out a different and new theme each year. Although a number of annual joining are over 3.000 people but it was so small compare as city’s children. Discovering considerable demand, I built an idea to establish “Lua Viet Tour Center” belong to Ho Chi Minh communist youth union in 1995 and Lua Viet Tour Co.,Ltd was found in 1999.

What was your first occupation? How did you end up doing business?

I was born and grew up in countryside. When I was 10 years old, I helped my father do a lot of works like removed weeds, cowboy, collect firewood… I have gradually done all the works of the agriculture, despite of only 10 years old. I received my first salary(subsidization) from “Job” at Faculty of youth in May 1975 (previous year is considered as a secret operation establishment). In the beginning of establishing center, Lua Viet only worked experiment form, serve children, balance earning and costing. Having received positive view from children’s parent and teacher we continue to oprerate. Since 1997, we had only one department for working but we have to serve over 30.000 children and adults. In 1999, we changed into a company to  rectify the name. After years later, we also run like movement, taking profits for charity.

Mr. Nguyen Van My

What are your dificulties and challenges in doing business?

The most difficulty is when I'm forced to choose the ultimatum "Lua Viet have to merge into the Youth Travel" or "Getting Out of The Union". It’s not really good idea because of the difference of points of view and the way of operating. No merger, it means the government will stop granting licensed for establishing Travel Company. Taking counsel  colleagues together, I decided to leave Union after working with 25 years. By the previous social activites , my old clients who retired and Revolutionary veterans, the union has given official dispatch to the City People's Committee and Lua Viet company was exceptionally formed. To memorize attachment time, mature and root, Lua Viet chose the foundation date on March 26, 1999

Beside “Lua Viet” name, we also heard a lot of the big names in the travel industry such as Saigontourist, Cholontourist ... What đi you do to help your company is the top choice?

Apart from major brands such as Saigontourist, Viettravel, Vietnam tourism, Hanoi tourism, tourist Benthanh and thousands of other brand name companies, Fire Vietnam is still the choice of many tourists. Although our operating scale haven’t limitted with 62 employees, 2 branchs in Binh Duong and Ha Noi compared to many the others, our brand and business effectiveness is not small. Lua Viet is always "the difference", namely people, manner and attitude of service, and new tours, social programs, "talk to talk" strategic PR,like no other, the regime of caring for employees ... In Lua Viet, from the highest leadership to employees have to work as guides, marketing and saler, some people can teach professional knowledge or writing newspaper.

How do you search foreign tourists coming to Vietnam? Are you going to intend to put the scope of your activities to the world to promote the image of Vietnam's tourism?

Currently, Lua Viet have  tours regularly to travel  Asean countries, Korea, Japan, China ... The tour to the USA, Europe, Middle East is hold  in groups rather than periodic . Inbound field is weak . In the next 5 years, Lua Viet is going to develop outbound, inbound and domestic tourism  in a tripodal position. We identified that tourism is public diplomacy, cultural ambassador therefore Lua Viet always focus on human factors, especially the team of guides.

Ven Thong Tep Vong, Ounalong Pogoga, Phnom Penh - 2012.

According to your words, what is the advantage of tourism in  Vietnam? How to increase the attractiveness for domestic tours? What are Lua Viet’s activity criteria and customers serves view throughout the years?

In my opinion, the most strength of Vietnam's tourism is culinary and diversity of resources. The weak point is still people, especially in the leadership department . However, this assessment is not uniform, even in the tourism industry. It’s still appear backward, trails, emotional thinking, ingratiate themselves  with leader.

Lua Viet employee’s Performance criteria is 4T: "Pioneering - Autonomy - Honesty - victory." The criteria of customer service is "Be on where the customer needs and supply them the best Services". Lua Viet  consider that “Customer is a relative”.

Exchanges with  security force in Preah Vihear, Campuchia, 2010.

Hand - over from 5x to 8x generation, Takou Trainning, 2012

In recent years, Vietnam has always been a priority for tourism development in many different activities such as mobilizing votes for Ha Long Bay, electing Vietnam Tourism Ambassador ... In your opinon, how to promote the image Vietnam tourism to the world in the best way? If so, he will nominate a name for the position of Vietnam's tourism ambassador?

Tourism in Vietnam is short of captains who have  good heart, vision, decisive character, daring risk and  responsible. PR  for tourism is ineffective by overemphasis forms, grandiloquent , lack of practical skills. If you want to invite friends coming home, we must first clean the house, admonished descendants of their politely maner,... The best PR for tourism in Vietnam is trying to "become the world's kitchen" (review of Philip Kotler ), reorganize and improve the quality of service that the first thing is human.

If nominated Vietnam's tourism ambassador, I will invite Professor - Dr. Tran Van Khe - Encyclopedia dictionary  and Vietnam ‘s cuisine - culture - history live  monument as well.

What is the best value in your company? What is your orientation in the future?

The maximum value of the company is "customer satisfaction." The greatest property is "The Man making Lua Viet brand". Our direction is becoming a comprehensive top ten (currently only inland) with specific styles of Lua Viet.

 "Autumn Festival Week", Bac Binh, Binh Thuan , 2006

What in the most difference point in Lua Viet brand?

That is HUMAN, from Chairman, CEO to each employee. Just looking "general " is known "soldier" and vice versa.

How would you assess the business tourism sector, Vietnam's position compared to the region and the world in this field?

Tourism is the business of synthesis and multi-profits, both directly and indirectly, both tangible and intangible, contributing to the develop the other industries. Vietnam was "the ASEAN heads of ending top " in travelling. The total number of visitors in Asean countries is only equal France, though the area is more than 7 times and population is 9.7 times. Vietnam is growing in tourism and others countries as well, even faster. There are a lot of things to do your best to break and join Asean top.

Implementing survey in Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai in 2009

What is Lua Viet’s community-oriented activities in the past and future ?

The main goal of establishing company is social activities. Prior setting up company, Lua Viet is known as the great social activities. From " Pink Smile" the festival, "Gratitude", "Grateful Mom" ... (municipal level); "Children outstanding learning results" meeting, "Southern Women", “Women in South”," Female Youth Volunteers in South "... (Central and Regional) to the periodical activities such as:" Social week Autumn "," Office of Santa Claus "in Vietnam," Tree of season spring "... The current operation will continue in-depth, diversity and more efficient. The main activities is "Week Autumn Meeting 2002" serves more than 22,000 children from Bac Lieu to Highlands, Ho Chi Minh Street, Nghe An and 1 Highway during 2 weeks. This event was set record by VIETKINGS.

What do you have any passion beside doing business?

My job is to manage travel, tourguide, teaching, journalism therefore I have to lifelong learning. Learning from books to everyone I met in my life. The easiest way is self-study books, newspapers and the internet. When I have freetime, reading is the way to "refuel" for the job. My passion is work because I do travel as a " occupation religion". It means job chose me so I have to wholeheartedly with the job".

Can you say something about your family?

Like many others, I have a small family, wife and children. My wife does the same job. My family is “the most valuable asset" and "children are not jewelry." After painstaking tour, sweated labour, I would like to come back now - a peaceful place to relieve anxiety. I love to eat and play with the children and grandchildren.

What is your advice for younger generation?

For myself, I have some experience life, but I want to share rather than teach anyone. Can share with those interested in that " Lotus is beautiful  and refined  the noble aroma thanks to nourishing from mud”. For me, doing well with all your heart and your labor. The things you don’t like, don’t do it with others”. Nothing is impossible. Human beings is more than through wills. "Being talented general  the fist is a good soldier".

Thank you very much! Wishing your health, more success in life.


Nhu Ba - Quang Hoang (


Photo: Lua Viet document


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