VN tops ASEAN in domain names

Viet Nam's domain name ."vn" had the largest number of registrations among ASEAN countries' domain names as of September 2014, the Viet Nam Internet Network Information Centre (VNNIC) revealed on Friday.

The VNNIC report revealed that among 10 ASEAN countries, Viet Nam had 286,000 domain name registrations, followed by Malaysia and Singapore.

In the entire Asia region, China had the highest number of registrations, followed by India and Japan. Viet Nam ranked seventh.  

The report also showed that the growth rate of new ."vn" registrations had slowed down since 2013 because of the global economic downturn.

VNNIC and the registrars conducted a series of conferences in an effort to strengthen their relationship with customers and improve service quality, pushing the overall growth rate of ."vn" up to 9.4 per cent. The growth rate is expected to hit 13 per cent at year-end.

The website of Viet Nam Internet Network Information Centre (VNNIC), which made the report.

Meanwhile, international domain name registrations in Viet Nam numbered 217,235, which was lower than the usage of the ."vn" domain name.

With 15,627,008 IPv4 addresses as of October 2014, Viet Nam ranked second in the ASEAN block, eighth in Asia and 26th in the world.

At the same time, Viet Nam is promoting the deployment of the IPv6 address in the country.

Last August, the domain name written in Vietnamese reached one-million milestone, marking the country's leading position in the world's internationalised domain names, or domain names written in different characters that enable Internet users to access them in their own language.


Thao Hanh

Source: baomoi 

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