Vietnam's Biggest Flower Falls

( Vietnam Book of Records conferred the Vietnam Record Certificate for Vietnam's Biggest Flower Falls in the evening of January 7th, 2017 at the Opening Ceremony of Đồng Tháp Tourism Week 2017.

 Vice Chairman  of  the Vietnam Record Holders Association Central  Mr. Nguyen Manh Quy granted the Vietnam Record Certificate to Chairman of the People's Committee of Sadec City Mr. Vo Thanh Tung

The fresh flower falls measures 12m high, 19m bottom diameter. It is made of 30 fresh flower baskets with roses (650 baskets), daisies (550 baskets), chrysanthemums (150 baskets), coconut flowers (600 baskets), Thai moss roses with different colors (500 baskets).

Besides, the flower falls with 4 flows in 4 direction symbolizes the bumper harvests in 4 seasons in a year. There is a 3m high rose in the top of the falls. Rose is the most specific flower of Sa Dec Flower Village.



Vietnam's Biggest Flower Falls was placed at C entrance of the Sa Dec City Park.



32nd Meeting of Vietnam Record Holders: Introduction about the foundation of Research Institute of Complimentary Health Sciences.
Vietnam's Biggest Flower Falls ( On 13th November in HCMC, the 32nd Meeting of Vietnam Record Holders was taken place successfully at the Building of Vietnam News Agency (116-118, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ward 6, District 3, HCMC).
Record Breaking: The group wedding with most paralyzed couples in Vietnam.
Vietnam's Biggest Flower Falls ( This group wedding is a meaningful and humanitarian gift that the HCMC Job Training Association and Him Lam Palace Convention Center presented to the paralyzed couples who don’t have enough situation to arrange their own wedding anniversary.
2030 Business Club set a record for “The Caravan with most car to go to present the charitable gifts”.
Vietnam's Biggest Flower Falls (Vietkings) – On 13th October 2016 at the White Palace Conventional Centre, the Program “The Night of Business People Style 2030” was taken place; this was the program to honor the “Responsibility of the Business People” during the time along with the 2030 Club. Also in this night, The 2030 Club also receive the certification for the Vietnam Record “The Business Caravan with most cars to go to present the charitable gifts”.
7 years old girl set up the Record as the Youngest Singing Artisan in Vietnam.
Vietnam's Biggest Flower Falls (Kỷ lục) Within the program The Little Giants Season 2, this 7 years old girl revealed the innate talent and the passion with the Vietnamese Traditional Music.
Show up the masters of the Vietnam Memory Team to join in the World Memory Champion 2016.
Vietnam's Biggest Flower Falls (Kỷ lục - VietKings) On the morning of 19th September 2016, at the Liberty Hotel (District 1, HCMC), Vietnam Record Holders Association- Vietkings organized the demonstration to set up the memory records in Vietnam.
A Vietnam Record was set up at Asean Student Conference.
Vietnam's Biggest Flower Falls (Vietkings) On 12th August 2016, during the conference of Asean Student Program taken place at Duy Tan University-Da Nang from 11 to 14th August 2016, Vietkings issued the record for the largest Asean Map made from balloons attached the light emitting diode.
Arms museum draws interest
Vietnam's Biggest Flower Falls (VietKings) Besides the lighthouse, the night market and the endless golden sandybeaches, a museum that houses a unique collection of arms from around the world has become an increasingly favourite destination among those visiting the coastal Vũng Tàu City in central Việt Nam.
Almost 5000 kids join in setting up the Vietnam Records at the National Kids’ Fest
Vietnam's Biggest Flower Falls (Vietkings) From 28th to 30th June 2016, at the April 2 Square (Tran Phu Street, Nha Trang City), the Council of the Central Young Pioneer Organization coordinated with the People Committee of Khanh Hoa Province to organize the 6th National Kids’Fest 2016 with the main subject “joy with blue ocean”.
the restaurant owner and the desire to make the models from toothpick
Vietnam's Biggest Flower Falls (Vietkings)with the talented hands and creative thinking, Mr. Ho Ngoc Quoc Si has made the normal toothpicks become impressive miniature architectural model. Within them, the most significant models are the model of the People Committee of Ho Chi Minh City and Independence Palace.
2720 old-aged and middle-aged people performed the health preservation fitness to set up the Vietnam Record.
Vietnam's Biggest Flower Falls (Vietkings) On 20th May 2016, in the 15th Ho Chi Minh City Health Preservation– 2016 was officially opened in the Phu Tho Sport Hall (District 11, Ho Chi Minh City). During the program, 2720 old aged and middle aged people performed the Healthy Fitness to set up the Vietnam Record.
Om Yoga & Wellness Hub received the Vietnam Record Certificate on the occasion of 2nd foundation day
Vietnam's Biggest Flower Falls (Vietkings) On the occasion of 2nd foundation day (24/5/2014-24/5/2016), Om Yoga & Wellness Hub centre officially received 2 Vietnam Record Certificates.
Nissin Instant Noodle officially setting Vietnamese Record
Vietnam's Biggest Flower Falls ( more than 100 families join in cooking and enjoying Nissin Waxada Char siu Instant Noodle to set the Vietnamese Record at House of Culture and Youth Ho Chi Minh City.
Eating Nissin (Instant Noodle), Setting Vietnamese Record
Vietnam's Biggest Flower Falls ( According to the estimation, about over 100 families will join in cooking and enjoyning Nissin Waxada Char Siu Instant Noodle to set up the Vietnamese Record “the event with most family join in cooking and enjoying Nissin Waxada Char Siu Instant Noodle”. This event will be taken place in Youth House of Culture Ho Chi Minh City.
The most number of people doing Yoga
Vietnam's Biggest Flower Falls ( At 7:30 on Sunday morning of June 21st 2015, Consulate General of India in Vietnam organized the first International Yoga Day in Ho Chi Minh city.
The new record on the occasion of Children’s Day
Vietnam's Biggest Flower Falls ( A chocolate cake was recognized as the Vietnam Record on the occasion of Children's Day.
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